“@sciencesarah Thanks for great job making science comprehensible in our 2012 Annual Report! @RobsInstitute”
Professor Sarah Robertson, Director at Robinson Institute (via twitter)

“Sarah interviewed me about my research to prepare a story for the Robinson Institute Annual Report. The article she produced provides an understandable and yet still scientifically accurate account of my work investigating how genes and environmental factors interact and determine reproductive health in women. She captured the nuances of the field very well. I endorse her writing capabilities, and would recommend her to other scientists looking to reach out to broader audiences.”
Professor Claire Roberts, Senior Research Fellow

“I was impressed at how quickly Sarah was able to understand my research and make it engaging for a general audience. The article was detailed and faithful to the science and has generated much interest since publication.”
Dr Taher Omari, Senior Research Fellow

“Recently, Sarah did a great job translating our latest research into an article describing a new model for how ovaries develop. Her writing was detailed, balanced and very readable.  It was difficult to represent the details of ovarian biology in a way which was scientifically accurate but still understandable for an audience not familiar with the field.  She did an excellent job.”
Professor Ray Rodgers, NHMRC Principal Research Fellow

“Sarah worked with me at Bridge8 from 2007 – 2011 and recently worked with us again in a freelance capacity on a report regarding education resources for emerging technologies. Sarah’s report was clear, thorough and presented the outcomes in a useful way. Her support on this project was much appreciated and I would highly recommend her science writing and editing.”
Dr Kristin Alford, Futurist and Founding Director Bridge8 Pty Ltd

“We admire your year-long commitment to sharing with others how your daily life is shaped by your education in, and love of science. We also applaud your efforts in encouraging an interest in science among the general public – particularly encouraging younger people to become fascinated by the world we live in.”
Grace Portolesi and Tom Kenyon, SA Ministers Science/Information Economy and Manufacturing/Innovation/Trade to March ’14