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The 2013 ScienceOnline conference will take place in Raleigh, North Carolina USA Jan 30-Feb 2, 2013.

I’ve written before on my dreams to be a part of these events; now along with Kristin Alford and Heather Bray I’m thrilled to be able to provide some further details.

The inaugural ScienceOnlineAdelaide WatchParty will take place on the weekend of February 2nd and 3rd 2013. Over two sessions, registered participants will view, enjoy, digest, discuss and process selected sessions from ScienceOnline2013 – which will only be available through official WatchParties, as there is no live-streaming offered – and contribute to the online global discussions around the event.

While we’re still finalising our venue, here’s our draft program:

Session 1 – Saturday Feb 2nd 4-7pm

Presentation 1: Why won’t the science deficit model die?

Presentation 2: Persuading the unpersuadable – communicating science to deniers, cynics and trolls

– followed by drinks and dinner (at your own expense) for those who are keen to socialise further.

Session 2 – Sunday Feb 3rd 10am-1pm

Presentation 3: Life in the venn – What happens when you’re forced to wear many hats?

Presentation 4: We are who we are? Who are we? Issues of identity and the internet

Further details, a confirmed venue and an invitation to register to attend will be announced soon: keep an eye on @scioADEL for updates.


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I have a terrible admission to make.

The sin was my husband’s, but my child was involved so I shall confess it nonetheless.

This magnificent flathead shown in this image was caught on a rod and reel off a beach in the vicinity of Pondalowie Bay, Yorkes Peninsula last summer. The proud fishermen are my husband and son.

With imaginings of a wonderful meal of fresh fish with lemon and baked potatoes, we prepared to clean the beast whilst enjoying a cold beer or two. Upon opening her belly however, we were dismayed to discover two swollen ovarian masses filled with millions and millions of eggs. She was ready to breed. And how.

We continued to clean her, and prepared and ate the meal but somehow it didn’t taste as good as we had at first predicted.

Now the fact that we had caught a top breeding flathead in her…

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