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On Sunday I’m delighted to be presenting a brief talk to student members of the Australia Society for Stem Cell Research. The focus will be on how to get the most out of social media if you’re working in the  life sciences.

I’m constantly using social media to communicate science (and other stuff!) of course, but wanted to find some academic material to back up my ramblings.

Here’s a list of freely-available publications I’ve been reading through today, and found useful:

  • Using Twitter in university research, teaching and impact activities, a guide for academics and researchers
    by Amy Mollett, Danielle Moran and Patrick Dunleave
    – to view PDF, click here
  • Scientists who engage with society perform better academically
    by Pablo Jensen, Jean-Baptiste Rouquier, Pablo Kreimer, Yves Croissant
    – available through Cornell University Library
  • The verdict: is blogging or tweeting about research papers worth it?
    by Melissa Terras
    – at LSE Online

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