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I’ve been a long-distance observer of ScienceOnline for several years now, and have written a few whimsical blog posts about it in the past (Can I play with you? and Dreaming).

As described on their website,

ScienceOnline is a non-profit organization that facilitates conversations, community and collaborations at the intersection of Science and the Web.

We do this through online networks, face-to-face events (both global and grassroots), and projects such as ScienceSeeker and The Open Laboratory science writing anthology.

Every January since 2007, the Research Triangle area of North Carolina has hosted scientists, students, educators, physicians, journalists, librarians, bloggers, programmers and others interested in the way the World Wide Web is changing the way science is communicated, taught and done.

Earlier in 2012, I happened across a live webcast of a ScienceOnlineVancouver meeting, and having a few spare minutes I logged on to the live-chat option shown on the screen.

“Hello from Adelaide, Australia”,

I typed, somewhat hopefully.

Immediate reaction from Karyn Traphagen! And she didn’t mess around. Words to the effect of,

“How would you feel about starting up a ScienceOnlineAdelaide?”.

If you can stutter on live-chat, I was certainly doing it,

“Y-y-yes. Um. Yes!”

Before long, she’d filled in Bora Zivkovic, I’d liaised with other local ScienceOnline enthusiasts Kristin Alford, Heather Bray and James Byrne, and we were chatting on twitter and email to make it happen.

But what will ScienceOnlineAdelaide look like? At the moment we plan to kick it off simply, and organise a gathering of enthusiastic people who want to be a part of the ScienceOnline2013 Conference Jan 30-Feb 2 2013 from afar. How and where in Adelaide this will happen is under discussion. As with all ScienceOnline activities, it will no doubt be shaped by the enthusiasm and ideas of participants.

To keep in touch and maybe even contribute, follow @scioADEL on twitter and look out for hashtags #scio13, #soADEL and #ADLscitweetup.

[image shows Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen (Adelaide Amelia Louise Theresa Caroline; 13 August 1792 – 2 December 1849), queen consort of the United Kingdom and of Hanover as spouse of William IV of the United Kingdom. The city of Adelaide, South Australia is named after her. Information thanks to Rodney Cockburn, South Australia What’s in a Name? Adelaide: Axiom Publishing. 3rd Edition. Reprinted 2002].


I’ve been busy! Science for Life.365 has taken over every spare minute of my blogging energy, so please do check it out.

I’ve also been working lots of great clients, which is very exciting.