Are you part of a book club? I’m in one with 2 wonderful friends: we have a very impressive list of books to cover over 2012, meeting dates scheduled in each month and a level of determination which would scare off even the most hardy of opponents. Unfortunately, life events and the busy-ness associated with 3 children each has meant that we’ve only managed to catch up several times over the past 6 months. Not to mention I’m already way behind on the ‘to read’ list. Who knew Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice would take so long? I thought publications in Nature were language-dense, but Jane really knew how to cram those multi-syllable words in.

Feeling guilty about constantly re-reading paragraphs describing the airs of Mr Darcy instead of doing science, I was very excited to break away and attend the first Australian Science Communicators journal club meeting held this week. Not only did the event offer a great chance to engage in social activity with other scientists and communicators, but it also resulted in me reading and actually processing the content of an article in my field which I otherwise would not have tracked down. Like work, but not. Like book club, but easier. Definitely less of this:

“…he frequently sat there ten minutes together without opening his lips; and when he did speak it seemed the effect of necessity rather than choice – a sacrifice of propriety, not a pleasure to himself.”

Oh, Mr Darcy.