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Sarah Keenihan is Section Editor, Science and Technology, The Conversation.

Sarah has a passion for science, not just because it’s useful and can solve problems, but because it’s full of wonder and stories of human endeavour and discovery.

Sarah has a Bachelor of Medical Science with honours, a PhD and a Graduate Diploma in Sciences Communication. She established a freelance writing and editing business in early 2012 after 15 years working in immunology research and science communication in Australia and Indonesia. She is currently not taking on freelance clients.

Sarah has worked for many different clients across the academic, government and private sectors, including writing news stories and feature articles, creating copy for brochures, newsletters, websites, articles and annual reports, and running writing and social media workshops for scientists. She also produced a blog ScienceforLife.365, which she started as a daily writing commitment in 2012 and continues at a less frequent rate now.

You can find Sarah on twitter as @sciencesarah